Rent a Restroom Trailer For Your Next Movie Set

Lights, camera, action! For movie sets, a portable luxury restroom trailer is an essential amenity to ensure cast and crew comfort.

Restroom Trailer

These spacious units offer amenities similar to those found in high-end homes and offices. They are ideal for event organizers looking to deliver a superior experience, construction crews ensuring worksite safety, and more. Contact Portable Restroom Trailer Rental now!

The cost of renting a restroom trailer will vary depending on the size and amenities you choose. Many rental companies offer different pricing options, including daily rates and flat rates. In addition, some vendors charge delivery fees, which can add up quickly if your event is located far from the vendor’s office. Additionally, peak season pricing and availability may increase costs, especially during popular weekend events.

When planning your restroom needs, it’s important to consider the number of people you will be hosting. A good rule of thumb is to have one toilet stall per 25 people attending your event. This will help prevent long lines and ensure that all of your guests can use the facilities. You can also opt to include a sink trailer onsite for those who need to wash their hands.

Luxury restroom trailers come equipped with a variety of amenities, including flushable toilets, running water, and sinks. Some even feature luxury finishes and warm lighting, which makes them perfect for weddings and other formal events. They’re a great option for outdoor weddings, as they look much nicer than standard portable toilets and can be decorated with fun backdrops and props to create the perfect picture-perfect scene.

In addition to being more spacious and cleaner than traditional portable toilets, restroom trailers are also easier to transport. They’re typically mounted on a chassis and are much lighter than other types of portable toilets. They can be transported by a standard pickup truck and are often able to fit through a regular doorway. This allows them to be placed in areas with limited space, which is a benefit for those who don’t have access to bathrooms in their workplace or event venue.

Another advantage of restroom trailers is that they’re much more comfortable than standard portable toilets. They’re insulated and heated, which keeps them a more comfortable temperature than standard porta potties. They’re also more durable and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, they’re much quieter than standard portable toilets, which can be a big problem for guests with hearing impairments.


Many people are surprised to learn that luxury portable restroom trailers feature a wide range of amenities. These facilities can include vanity rooms, LED lighting, and even a sound system. These features can greatly improve the experience of guests using the restroom, but they can also increase costs. As a result, it is important to consider the unique needs of your event when choosing a rental option.

Whether you are planning an upscale wedding, festival, or corporate event, a restroom trailer can provide your guests with comfort and convenience. These mobile toilets are often larger than traditional porta potties and have stalls that can accommodate multiple users. Some even have ADA-compliant stalls and ramps to ensure that all of your guests are able to use the facility. Many restroom trailer rentals come with a number of add-ons that can enhance the guest experience, including sink units with running water, hand sanitizer dispensers, and paper towel dispensers.

Some rental companies offer a variety of rental periods, from daily leases to weekly or monthly rents. The duration of the rental period can have a huge impact on how much you spend on a bathroom trailer. For example, if you are hosting a family reunion and want to have plenty of bathrooms available for your guests, it may be more economical to rent a restroom trailer for an extended period of time rather than renting one or two porta potties.

Luxury restroom trailers offer an elevated experience that’s much more aesthetically pleasing than smaller portable toilets. These facilities are air conditioned and have running water, which can help make the toileting process more comfortable for guests. They can also be equipped with mirrors, soap, and paper towels. These amenities can make the restroom experience more pleasant for guests and create a more memorable event.


A restroom trailer is a great option for outdoor events where bathroom facilities are not available or close by. It offers more amenities than a porta potty and is more comfortable for attendees. The toilets have flushing functions and are designed to look and feel like a real restroom. There are also separate stalls and climate controls. In addition, many companies offer add-ons to elevate the experience. These include everything from hand sanitizer to lights for evening use.

When choosing a restroom trailer rental company, make sure that they offer a wide range of options and can accommodate your needs. Most importantly, they should be able to deliver and set up the unit on time and within your budget. They should also have experience with the type of event you’re hosting. For example, they should know how many units to rent and whether ADA-compliant units are needed.

The location where the restroom trailer will be placed is also important. The site should be level, dry and well-drained. It should also have a water spigot that can be hooked up to the trailer. If there is no water spigot, you can rent a water-holding tank that will be delivered and set up near the restroom trailer.

Another consideration when renting a restroom trailer is how much waste will be produced during the event. Most restrooms will produce some waste, but you can help reduce this amount by using RV-specific products. These are more environmentally friendly and break down faster than standard toilet paper. In addition, you can use a toilet deodorizer to help keep the bathroom fresh and smelling clean.

After an event, the toilet waste and water tanks will need to be pumped out and emptied. This process is simple and takes about three steps. It is recommended that the waste and water tanks be pumped out before the restroom trailer is moved from its reservation site. In most cases, this must be done by a professional who has access to a dump truck.

Whether you’re hosting an upscale wedding or a backyard barbeque, a portable restroom trailer can make your event more enjoyable for guests. Contact a sanitation rental company today to find out more about the different types of restrooms they have available. They can also provide additional services, such as a kitchen trailer or a generator.


While restroom trailers provide an excellent bathroom experience for your guests, they do require a certain amount of setup and maintenance. For instance, they need to be placed on a flat surface and hooked up to electricity. In addition, they must be parked on level ground to prevent water leaks. It is best to hire a professional electrician to handle the hookup, as working with electrical power can be dangerous if you’re inexperienced.

While most portable toilets have a non-flushable toilet and urinal, restroom trailers feature flushable toilets, hand-sanitizer dispensers, sinks, and mirrors. They also have climate control and laminated floors for a clean, home-like atmosphere. These luxury amenities can be a huge upgrade from porta potties, which are often small and cramped.

The cost of restroom trailers is based on several factors, including location and usage. For example, some vendors charge higher hourly rates during popular weekend events, while others may offer lower fees during off-season periods. The number of stalls and the length of rental period can also impact costs. For example, renting more than one restroom trailer for a multi-day event typically requires an additional fee per day.

To avoid costly mistakes, it is important to consider all the possible options and fees before making a decision. For example, if you’re planning a wedding in a remote location, it’s important to know that restroom trailers require a power source. This can add up to a significant bill if you don’t have a backup plan. It’s also a good idea to ask the vendor about a breakdown of the total costs before signing any agreements.

Another factor to consider is the cost of regular servicing. This could include restocking supplies (toilet paper, soap, etc.), cleaning, and waste removal. For multi-day events, you’ll also need to ensure that the restrooms are a safe and hygienic environment for your attendees. You should also consider the possibility of a variable occupancy rate and have a backup plan for emergencies.